3 Back Pain Solutions You Need To Know About

Find The Right Doctor To Solve Back Pain

Back Pain is a very common condition affecting people who have an active life.
Many people are confused or even frustrated about how to solve the problem.
They are often told by multiple doctors that their only options are rest, exercise, or even surgery.
However there are 3 powerful solutions for back pain now available in Singapore.
1) Lumbar Decompression
Lumbar decompression is a popular non-surgical treatment option for back pain.
The treatment uses a computerized machine to reduce the pressure in the back, resulting in very good relief over a few sessions. It has been available in Singapore for well over a decade. It is a safe and very effective treatment for back pain and stiffness as well as a slipped disc and sciatica.

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2) Cervical Facet Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is a very useful option to consider for people with severe back pain, cervical facet degeneration and even people who have pain despite previous surgery.

This procedure "turns off" the specific nerve that carries information about pain. It can provide pain relief for about a year, but can last much longer for some people.

The procedure can be done as a day surgery procedure in a hospital or day surgical center.


3) Shockwave Therapy

Available in Singapore for well over a decade, Shockwave Therapy is backed by extensive medical research and often used to help people with Back Pain.

Employing a high energy acoustic wave, shockwave can help to:

  •     Induce neovascularization (new blood vessel growth )‚Äč
  •     Promote regeneration
  •     Break down scar tissue & calcification

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7 Important Considerations When Choosing A Doctor

 1) Is your doctor correctly qualified for your condition?

Many people will seek the opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon for back pain. It is important to note that many orthopaedic surgeons are further sub-specialized to handle different types of conditions and different body parts.

The type of orthopaedic surgeon you consult as well as their type of training and experience will affect the options you are offered.

Other than orthopaedic surgeons, you may also benefit from the opinion of a rheumatologist, neurologist or a number of other different types of specialists.

2) Can you get an appointment quickly enough?

Every single day matters when you are suffering in pain.

Is there a delay in getting an appointment to see your doctor?

It is important to get effective treatment started to prevent back pain from getting more severe.

Is there a wait for the necessary X-rays and MRI scans needed to properly assess your condition before starting the treatment?

Ideally you should get an appointment within 1 working day and a scan within 1 week.

3) Is your doctor able to provide you the best possible care or more likely to offer standard recommendations?

As back pain can be a very difficult condition to treat, it is possible that many doctors will recommend simply “rest and painkillers”, “exercise”, or “spine surgery”.

Make sure your doctor is familiar with the latest back pain treatments available.

4) Are you limiting your options unnecessarily due to worry about medical expenses?

Some people avoid medical care believing that treatments are expensive.

The good news is that most people have some medical insurance that can cover their treatments, even if they see a private specialist.

Is your doctor able to allow medisave use for your condition?

Many patients are able to use their Personal Accident Insurance and Company Insurance to cover their medical bills.

Others pay for their treatments using local and international Private hospital insurance and MediSave-approved insurance known as the Integrated Shield Plans.

If you have one of the many insurance products that cover you under a private hospital plan, it should be able to give you the assurance of treatment with peace of mind.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a “full rider” that covers you for private hospitals, you may also be eligible for “Cashless Service” . 

This allows you to get treatment at the hospital with no payment needed during admission or discharge. 

Some examples of Integrated Shield Plans and Riders include:

  • AIA, Healthshield Gold Max A + Max Essential A
  • Aviva, Myshield Plan 1 + MyHealth Plus Plan 1 (option C)
  • AXA, AXA Shield Plan A + Basic Care
  • GE, Supreme Health P Plus + Total Health Platinum
  • NTUC, Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred + Plus Rider
  • Prudential, PRUshield Premier + PRUextra Premier

5) Are the fees reasonable?

It is important to be willing to pay for good quality medical care.

However an expensive doctor or hospital is not necessarily the best choice.

Price is not always an accurate indication for quality.

At the same time, we also encourage patients to not simply choose the "cheapest doctor".

You get what you are willing to pay for. If a doctor charges very little, it is worthwhile to consider "why".

It is best to select good, cost-effective care most suited for your condition.

6) Is your doctor of a high professional and ethical standard?

It is probably fair to say all Singapore doctors are highly qualified with years of clinical training and experience.

A quick google of all their profiles will likely reveal an impressive list of academic qualifications and clinical experience. What may not be as easy to learn online is how much your doctor cares for each patient and their standing among fellow doctors.

A third party with close knowledge and the benefit of knowing the experiences of past patients can be very helpful for you to make an informed choice.

7) Does your doctor have access to the latest medical technology?

For people who prefer a non-invasive approach, there are many non-invasive medical technologies available.

For example, shockwave therapy is well known to give very good results and has been available in Singapore for the past decade. Did your doctor mention this as an option?

For people who prefer a more direct, quick and effective treatment, the Radiofrequency injections can give very good results.

Surgery is often the last resort, reserved for only the most severe cases of pain.

Bearing in mind the risk of surgery, risk of general anesthesia and cost of spine surgery, many patients have a hard time finding the right orthopaedic surgeon for their condition.

The Importance of Treating Pain Effectively

Acute pain from recent injuries and other diseases can result in time off work, difficulty with participation in sports, and interfere with other normal day activities.
Persistent pain from chronic injuries, wear and tear, nerve pain, and other causes often results in frustration, low energy level, poor sleep (insomnia), irritability, depressed mood, difficulty with concentration and memory, mobility problems and even reduced sexual function.
Relationships with friends and family, work, personal happiness and life in general may also be affected. Pain has even been associated with loss of brain mass.

By properly treating persistent pain, patients will be able to enjoy work, sports, and life in general more effectively.
Sleep will also become more restful, resulting in more energetic days and better moods.
More importantly, pain and its underlying cause must be properly treated to prevent it from getting worse, and deteriorating to the point where surgery and other invasive treatments become necessary.

If you are unsure about the cause for your back aches, pain or stiffness, if your condition has not improved despite other treatments, or if you have been told to consider surgery,

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