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I Have Shoulder Pain- Which doctor should I see?

Shoulder problems are very common among the individuals of older ages. However this pain is also observed even in the people of younger age. Among other major symptoms like fracture, dislocation, joint inflammation of shoulder, pain is the most common occurrence. Most of the people feel the need of visiting the physicians due to the symptoms of skeletal and muscular pain ad abnormalities. Most of the people suffer from the disorders of shoulder because it is the most movable and most widely used and applied joint of the body. The bones forming the shoulder join together and form the pectoral girdle of fore limb. However the shoulder joint is very unstable in the way that it allows a limited sort of movement along limited directions and angles. The shoulder joint is not free to move in all directions at any angle.
Which doctor do I see for my shoulder pain?
For the proper ailment of shoulder pain, it is important to see a doctor early in the disease course to limit the duration and severity of symptoms. In order to identify correct doctor for your ailment, need is to identify what caused the shoulder pain.
Usually the sports persons and athletes who practice a lot may have sprains and other problems of shoulder joints. The major reason which becomes the cause of occurrence of most of the shoulder problems is the instability of the shoulder joint and the frequency of use of this joint. It is due to this instability that most of the joint problems and sprains arise. For proper identification and treatment of sports injuries, it is best to see a sports physician who can advise correct diagnostic tests and also provide quick relief for minor injuries like muscle sprain, joint dislocation or ligament tear. For severe injuries, an orthopedic surgeon is the right choice.
However, if the shoulder pain is without any apparent injury, it may be a manifestation of degenerative joint disease especially if it involves elderly. In most severe cases the break down of tissues occurs thereby hampering the functions of shoulder joint. When the tissues of skeleton and muscles of shoulder do not function properly due to degenerative problems, it results in the malfunctioning of the tissues. There are different types of shoulder pain. In some cases the pain arising in shoulder is localized to specific area. However in other cases the pain may also be deferred to other regions surrounding the shoulder region. In some cases it may also radiate down the arm. In some cases any disease arising in any vital organ of body may also be misinterpreted by the brain and it is perceived to have been aroused from the shoulder.
In other words any pain which is felt in the shoulder region or blade of scapula has got its roots in the neck region. Some forms of shoulder pain are very common and are complained by individuals of almost all age groups. However in order to treat the shoulder pain problems, it is very important to first find out the real cause behind the particular shoulder pain. After studying the causes of shoulder damage and pain, the treatment and mode of recovery is determined.

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