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We are a Singapore Medical Concierge service founded on the principle that medical care is best provided when patients are able to find the most suitable doctor for their conditions. Our services include:

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Simply email us a brief description of your condition, medical problem or type of doctor you are looking for, and we’ll help connect you with a suitable expert.

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For a small fee, foreign patients who need customized assistance can have us help with various arrangements to facilitate medical visits.

Slip Disc: Symptoms, Causes, and Tr Head Drop

What is Slip Disc? The spinal column in a human body is a series of bones called vertebrae stacked on one another to form the spinal cord. Spinal cord from top to bottom includes a series of bones as follow; • Seven bones in the cervical spine • ...

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Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Head Drop

What is Knee Joint Replacement Surgery? Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, also called Knee Arthroplasty, is a surgical process carried out for the replacement of a knee joint in case of any disease in the joint. The procedure involves the removal of th...

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What can I do for Sciatica Treatmen Head Drop

For anyone who is looking to help deal with back pain, there are many issues that can get in your way. One of the most common issues when it comes to looking after your back comes from your posture. Many of us have poor posture, brought on by lifesty...

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Coping with Neck and Shoulder Pain Head Drop

Do you findyourself spending most ofthe day moving your neck and shoulders around to avoid pain? You aren’t alone. Neck and shoulder pain are some of the most common pain symptoms that we feel today. If you are dealing with an injury at your neck o...

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Is it possible to get back pain tre Head Drop

For many people across the world, back pain is a common issue. Many of us suffer from damage to our back and mostly due to our lifestyles. You have to remember that the back is unlike any other part of the body in terms of the pressure that you might...

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What options are there for neck pai Head Drop

Are you suffering from neck pain? Then you are absolutely not alone. As one of the most difficult pains that you can deal with, neck pain can often push us in the wrong direction. When our necks feel tired and sore, it can be tough to keep on going t...

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What’s The Best Knee Pain Solutio Head Drop

For anyone suffering from knee pain, you will know just how frustrating it can be. Having a painful knee is not something that we want to have in our lives; it just makes our lives generally more difficult. However, it is something that can be solved...

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Knee Specialist Singapore Head Drop

The knee is one of the most important bones and joints in the body. Without a strong and effective knee structure, we can find it hard to go about our usual days. When our knees begin to give us problems, though, it’s easy to ignore the issue. It c...

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Fibromyalgia Treatment Head Drop

For many years, the problem of fibromyalgia has been a growing concern among medical professionals. Seen as a serious issue that has to be tackled and taken care of by medical experts, this condition has become a growing issue. Modern lifestyles are ...

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Dr Prem Pillay


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Dr Quah Hak Mien

Consultant Colerectal Surgeon

Quah Hak Mien Colorectal Centre
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