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Total Hip Replacement-The risks and benefits

Before finally deciding to go for the hip replacement therapy or surgery it is important to consider all the possible options of hip treatment. It is important to get certain basic information about the total hip replacement therapy before making a final decision to go for it. Like all the other procedures, of course, the hip replacement surgeries also have certain benefits and implications on the health of the patient whose surgery is going to be performed. In addition to this it should also be clarified that only the hip bone replacement surgery is not enough to work out he problem.
Restoration of mobility and strength of the hip joint is very important in order to gain the previous status of the hip joint. Certain factors like arthritis, accidents or fractures may hinder the normal movement of the hip bone making the joint stiff and immovable.
Risks of Total Hip Replacement Surgery:
Certain common and daily life activities may become even more difficult like walking, sitting, getting up and laying down. All these activities become very painful therefore reducing the activity and mobility of the patients overall. Further abandoning the activities is also a risk for patient because in this case the person may get his hip joint even stiffer. Apart from the risk associated with any major surgery like massive loss of blood, hypotension, anesthesia related complications and other issues, the major risk is the recurrence of symptoms that arise after any surgery that involves joints. To minimize risk of complications, it is important that after total hip replacement surgery, hip bone should be kept in a healthy and well going condition so that the procedures involving hip joint may not be affected like walking, bending, sitting and other daily life activities which involve inevitable involvement of hip bone and joint
Benefits of Total Hip Replacement Surgery:
It is a very safe and effective procedure which can help the patient in getting back to daily routine by relieving the pain and enabling normal functioning of body and hip bone. The most marked effect of the hip replacement surgery is the increased mobility of hip bone. This will help the patient a lot in performing and enjoying the daily life activities. First performed in 1960, now the total hip replacement therapy has become one of the most successful procedures in medical science for curing medical problems. After the surgery certain exercises and postures should also be adopted in order to achieve the mobility of hip joint and for maximum benefits of the surgery.
If all the other procedures are not helpful in restoring the normal mobility of hip joint, then the option of hip replacement surgery should be considered. For understanding the procedure of surgery it is important to first understand the normal working of a hip joint and bone. This would also be helpful in evaluating the limitations and benefits of the hip replacement. In addition to this it should also be made clear in the mind of patient by the physician that what should be their limits of expectations while doing the hip replacement surgery.

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