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We are a Singapore Medical Concierge service founded on the principle that medical care is best provided when patients are able to find the most suitable doctor for their conditions. Our services include:

Free Medical Referral Service

Simply email us a brief description of your condition, medical problem or type of doctor you are looking for, and we’ll help connect you with a suitable expert.

Premium Medical Concierge Service

For a small fee, foreign patients who need customized assistance can have us help with various arrangements to facilitate medical visits.

Who Should I see for Foot and Ankle

There is a very real sense of urgency when you’ve got problems with your foot or ankle. While a hand or arm injury may be painful, you still have basic mobility to move around. But once you’ve injured your foot, you’ve got to hobble throughout ...

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Should I have Back Surgery?

There are different factors leading to the incidence of back pain and injury. Among the most common reasons of back injury which may end up in treating the problem with the help of back surgery are as follows: Mostly during accidents, and driving car...

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Neck Surgery- What are the Risks an

Usually the necessity of performing a neck surgery is felt when the anatomical lesion is formed in the neck or back region. This usually occurs in those individuals who usually do not show any development or improvement in the neck pain and injury. T...

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I Have Shoulder Pain- Which doctor

Shoulder problems are very common among the individuals of older ages. However this pain is also observed even in the people of younger age. Among other major symptoms like fracture, dislocation, joint inflammation of shoulder, pain is the most comm...

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Total Hip Replacement-The risks and

Before finally deciding to go for the hip replacement therapy or surgery it is important to consider all the possible options of hip treatment. It is important to get certain basic information about the total hip replacement therapy before making a f...

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Total Knee Replacement-The risks an

There are different ways by which the knee can get damaged. Sometimes the knee can be severely damaged by the injuries, accidents or due to some serious diseases like arthritis. In these cases it becomes very difficult to perform the activities of da...

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Asia’s Best Medical Doctors

Singapore is Asia’s preferred medical hub. With a strong history of excellence, safety and trustworthiness, Singapore attracts patients from the world over who value the high ethical standards of the medical profession, excellent safety record,...

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Featured Doctors

Dr Prem Pillay


#15-03 Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre,
3 Mt. Elizabeth,
Singapore 228510.

Tel: (65) 6835 4325
Fax: (65) 6835 4326


Dr Quah Hak Mien

Consultant Colerectal Surgeon

Quah Hak Mien Colorectal Centre
6 Napier Road #05-01, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499

Tel: (65) 64797189
Fax: (65) 64711929