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Choosing the best Singapore Physiotherapy Clinic

Finding out how to choose a Singapore physiotherapy clinic is as easy as asking the right questions. Seeking definitive answers to the following specific questions will point you in the right direction, and narrow your choices for selecting a qualified clinic for physiotherapy.

1) Where are the physiotherapy clinics located within Singapore?

An excellent first step is identifying the clinics that provide physiotherapy services. Internet sources such as Google and Yahoo! will give you a list from which to base your search.

Further queries include:

– Is the clinic visitable via MRT or bus when you are at work?

– Is the clinic more convenient to reach from your home’s location?

– Will there be wheelchair access should you require it during your treatment cycle?

2) Do you need a specialist?

A physiotherapist working at a clinic can specialize in the following areas to suit your personal needs:

– sports injuries
– mental health
– geriatric care
– stroke recovery
– movement ergonomics
– injuries to the spine and head
– respiratory conditions
– pregnancy
– post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation

3) What types of treatment can you be subjected to? Which modality is best for you?

The more classical methods of physiotherapy mainly involve massages, exercise movements, and guided body manipulations. There could be a technique which you prefer to implement to solve your pain issues.

More nontraditional additions include reiki, cranio-sacral massage, Bowen techniques, and even hydrotherapy. Attending a Singapore physiotherapy clinic that offers a varied palette of treatments could help you heal and recover in record time, so it would be beneficial to study which clinics offer which therapies.

4) How does the clinic’s facilities appear upon your preliminary visit?

Seeing the establishment will allow you to actually observe firsthand what goes on inside. Once there, you can take mental notes with these essential questions:

– Is the equipment in good condition?

– Are the clinical staff exhibiting a professional demeanor?

– What is the overall level of comfort of the establishment?

5) What is the clinic’s physiotherapist like?

– Is his or her character and attitude pleasing and professional?

Since you’ll be performing your recovery program over an extended period of time, it is best to select a facility where you have a comfortable rapport with all of the staff members present.

6) What are the clinic’s normal hours?

Inquire as to whether scheduling conflicts could exist with the following:

– Does the physiotherapy clinic’s office hours coincide with your daily schedule?

– What weekend hours can they offer you?

As you can see, learning how to choose a Singapore physiotherapy clinic involves seeking the relevant answers to thoughtful questions. After having done so, your therapy will run much smoother and you’ll have greater peace of mind.

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