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How To Get The Inpatient Hospitalization Care You Need?

Staying in a hospital is not something most people often experience or even think of doing.
Most people think of hospitals as places to visit only when it is totally unavoidable or when they are faced with a serious medical emergency.
However there are many situations where hospitalization is a good and necessary option.


Common Misconceptions About Hospitalization
  • Hospitalization only for very sick people and people requiring surgery
  • Hospital stays are uncomfortable
  • Singapore hospitals are expensive
  • It is difficult to get hospitalized


Reasons Why People Stay In A Hospital
There are many reasons why a person may stay in a hospital.
Some people are hospitalized due to serious life threatening conditions needing emergency medical care.
Others stay in hospital for milder medical conditions as part of their treatments and for a period of recuperation.
The convenience of daily nursing care is very helpful in many situations.
Some people may also stay in a hospital for a fairly long period of rehabilitation care.
Others are temporarily unable to cope in their home environment and benefit from a short stay in the hospital.
Patients with long term conditions may sometimes stay in a hospital for a period of respite care when their caregivers need a short of rest.


Benefits Of Hospital Stays

  • It is easier to get access to multiple specialists to coordinate the care of your condition instead of going for multiple outpatient specialist visits
  • You can usually get access to medical investigations such as scans and tests much more quickly then waiting for an outpatient appointment
  • You are often able to use Hospitalization Insurance to pay for investigations and treatments
  • Many hospitalization insurance and Integrated Shield Plans allow even your pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses to be claimed
  • You can use your Medisave to pay for investigations and treatments


Practical Constraints In Getting Hospitalization Care


  • While there are Government Restructured Hospitals as well as Private Hospitals in Singapore, many are very busy and may not have beds easily available
  • Getting admitted through the Accident and Emergency department of some hospitals may require waiting. There may be a need to allocate the available beds for cases considered more urgent and serious than yours is
  • The cost of care can vary among different hospitals
  • The quality of nursing care, inpatient food choices, and room environment can also vary greatly
  • A patient need to be able to find the right doctor to manage their specific condition
  • The doctor must be willing to admit a patient to the hospital


Covering Your Medical Bills
It is estimated that nearly 4 million people in Singapore are in the MediShield scheme as at 2016, and two-thirds have an Integrated Shield Plan that covers Hospitalization.
Up to $450 of Medisave per day can also be used for daily hospital charges.
Insurance plans such as private hospitalization plans, company insurance cover, and personal accident plans can often also be used to pay for your hospitalization stay.


How And Where To Get Hospitalized
Choosing a hospital is often confusing and difficult. There are many factors to consider such as your medical condition, budget, and the expertise and environment of each hospital.
Some patients choose a hospital near their home only to be frustrated by their experience.
A third party with close knowledge of the different hospitals and the benefit of knowing the experiences of past patients can be very helpful for you to make an informed choice.


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