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How to select a Good Orthopaedic Surgeon

Orthopaedic surgeons primarily treat ailments and injuries within the musculoskeletal system.
So when you need an orthopaedic surgeon, knowing what to look for by asking the right questions could hasten a speedy and full recovery after your surgery.

What kind of orthopaedic surgeon do you need?

If you are trying to seek treatment for a recent sports injury, you could see a surgeon that specializes in sports medicine. Is your surgery going to involve your knee? Maybe you can see an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore that concentrates on total joint replacement.

Narrow down your choices by identifying what kind of surgery you need. Your general care practitioner could help you choose a general orthopaedic surgeon or one that specializes in a specific arena.

What types of orthopaedic surgeons are there?

Four of the most common are:

1) Hand
2) Spine
3) Sports medicine
4) Total joint replacement

When is the most convenient time you can schedule pre-op and post-op visits?

You’ll probably engage in a series of office appointments before and after your surgery. See what the orthopaedic surgeon’s office hours are like. He may be busy performing a number of operations every day. So make sure your daily schedule coincides with his work calendar.

What are the qualifications earned and academic background?

Just as important is the educational pedigree of your prospective doctor. You’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision once you’ve learned where they completed their schooling. Additionally, internet searches can reveal all certifications and qualifications they’ve earned. These will present more pieces of the puzzle for you to assemble an accurate picture as to their professional training.

Is the doctor’s overall character agreeable with your expectations?

If possible, schedule an office visit to meet with the prospective surgeon. Having a face to face consultation would allow you to judge his bedside manner. You’ll definitely want to seek deeper answers by asking pertinent questions regarding your case. Note his answers and see if he’s taking the time to thoroughly explain things to you in a manner you can understand.

Have faith in your natural instincts

After taking into account the opinions of trusted family confidants, doctor recommendations during office visits, and your own research, it is ultimately your sole decision to decide which orthopaedic surgeon to go with. Basically, trust your gut feelings and have faith in them.

Selecting an orthopaedic surgeon is a task that takes time and deliberate effort. Your health is at stake, and you want the best possible chances of the healthiest outcome. So once you’ve asked questions, and gotten answers satisfactory to you, the surgeon you finally choose will be your greatest medical advantage.

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