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Neck Surgery- What are the Risks and Benefits

Usually the necessity of performing a neck surgery is felt when the anatomical lesion is formed in the neck or back region. This usually occurs in those individuals who usually do not show any development or improvement in the neck pain and injury. There are many cases when the patients suffering from the neck and back pain are treated initially from the conventional means. However there are some cases when the patients may not show any signs of improvement or development as it regards to their healing of the anatomical lesions created in the cervical and spinal column.
Moreover the exact form of this injury or pain is also not identified. Therefore it is very important to first of all identify the kind of abnormality or injury which neck is having and then decide the exact treatment, whether surgical or non surgical, for the neck pain. The most positive effects of surgery are observed in the cases when the neck or cervical column is undergoing through the problem of herniaton.

Benefits of Neck Surgery:
Modern surgery techniques of neck and spine have involved new techniques and advancements making this method a significant mode of treating neck pain. Specifically advancements have been made in this field in the past few decades. In almost all severe cases, surgery besides providing relief of symptoms also limit the degree and extent of destruction of bones involved and inflammation process. Neck surgery may lead to temporary complications like problems with speech and swallowing process but overall is beneficial in providing long term relief that cannot be achieved with pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents, which also leads to destruction of organs like kidney and liver.

Risks of Neck Surgery:
Whatever may be the form and category of the neck pain it is well understood that surgery should never be opted in order to try the exploratory treatment of the neck pain. Therefore it is very essential to first of all recognize the cause of neck pain. In order to finally decide for doing the surgery of neck or cervical spine, it is important to first identify the kind of neck pain and the anatomic lesion. Depending upon the region of neck under surgery, complications may be short lived or permanent like damage to laryngeal nerves that are responsible for articulation of voice muscles and neck muscles.

Therefore in these cases surgery is performed because it is the only option left with the physicians. Usually the neck surgery is performed in those cases when the other non surgical or conservative methods are not working or are unable to cure the specific stage of the disease. On the other hand there are some special cases when surgery is not taken as an option for the patients especially those who are suffering from the problem of anatomical lesions. It is however strictly prohibited to go for surgery when the exact cause of the neck injury is not exactly known as these further increases the risk of failure of surgery or therapy employed.

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