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Singapore Medical Advances

The world of medicine is ever-changing with numerous advances occurring on a daily basis.  Preventive care is being focused on now more than ever in hopes of preventing diseases and the costly health problems they may cause in the long run.  Medical advances are accompanied by more effective and safer practices, generally with an overall decrease in cost.  In the medical world there is always room for improvement in order to provide better outcomes and treatment for patients.  The human body itself is amazing.  For instance just think – while you’re driving to work your heart is beating, your eyes are blinking, you’re breathing and you are processing what is going on around you all at the same time…and most of this you don’t even have to think about second to second, mind-blowing isn’t it?  Medical advances are continuing to get more and more interesting too because they just keep getting increasingly innovative and patient-friendly.

In Singapore there are remarkable things happening in the medical industry with regards to both medical care and medical professionals.  Let’s take a look.

  • Better Understanding of Neurological Disorders.  Scientists in Singapore have finally developed a chemical dye that enables researchers to better understand such disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  This is an astounding innovation that may result in stopping progression of the disease in patients before they reach a debilitating stage.  The chemical dye works to target the live neurons that are responsible for thought and movement, which are the ones that will be affected in these neurological disorders.  Once the chemical dyes the neurons, medical professionals can then see the extent to which the patient is affected and how much damage has been done.  Currently patients are just able to be treated according to the symptoms their neurological disease causes.  With this breakthrough, treatments may be shifted toward the actual cause of the disease and could possibly eradicate the disease or halt its progression for an extended amount of time.  How amazing!
  • Collaborative Health Care Teams.  Care provided to patients should always be top-notch no matter what.  Treatment regimens should be developed precisely according to the needs of the patient, but also with their wishes at the forefront.  Modern health care is focusing more on a patient-centered approach to ensure greater treatment success.  Recently in Singapore, a new medical facility referred to as “CHART” has been opened.  This is a one-of-a-kind facility for this area that looks to bring together several divisions related to patient care.  At this facility healthcare professionals will be able to work closely with academia and research institutions alike in order to create a variety of healthcare solutions for patients.  A variety of solutions is a good thing because patients will be able to incorporate their wishes more, plus medical providers will be able to choose the most safe and effective solution.  A continued push toward use of robotics in medicine is one of the main goals here.  Solutions for care will be encompassed in five key domains including developing virtual hospitals, transformation of aged care, optimization of rehabilitation services, automating processes, and enhancing medical training.  In medicine there will always be change and you must keep an open mind, so don’t get too comfortable!
  • Countless Clinical Trials.  One of the world’s top clinical trial support companies has set up shop and brought its headquarters to you here in Singapore.  This is great for the area and will prove to give a boost to the biomedical sector.  The company “Almac” is privately owned and supports pharmaceutical companies when trials of new drugs are carried out.  Get ready and do your research in case you decide to take part in a clinical trial someday soon!

There are a huge amount of medical advances happening on a daily basis that will more than likely prove to create new and improved ways to provide medical care with greater success.  Technology in today’s world is all about computers and getting things done easily and quickly, but more effectively too.  Medicine definitely is not boring and all the new interesting findings will keep you on your toes waiting for what is going to happen next.  Medicine is magnificent and you should do all you can to embrace the ever-changing industry because you never know when your life or the life of someone you love may be on the line.

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