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Total Knee Replacement-The risks and benefits

There are different ways by which the knee can get damaged. Sometimes the knee can be severely damaged by the injuries, accidents or due to some serious diseases like arthritis. In these cases it becomes very difficult to perform the activities of daily routine because knee being the vital and most commonly used joint of body gets damaged badly.
Risk of Total Knee Replacement:
In the initials stages of disease or injury non surgical methods of treatment are adopted to make the knee movable and keep it in the natural position so that it is easy for the body to dissipate its weight on this vital joint. Certain non surgical techniques involve use of medications, walking supports or the physical therapy. However when all these treatments seem to be unsuccessful in achieving the targets of curing the knee injury or pain, the option of surgery is chosen. The most severe form of surgery of knee which is performed in order to cure knee problems is the total replacement surgery.
The daily routine activities which get affected badly after the knee damage or injury are sitting, walking, climbing stairs or running. In severe cases the patient even feels pain while sitting or laying down. Usually surgery is adopted as a last resort to heel and cure the knee problems. However there are some cases when performing surgery becomes inevitable and the physicians are left with no option other than surgery. Risk of knee surgery after knee cap replacement is recurrence of symptoms, infections by a variety of micro organisms and most importantly inflammation of joint spaces leading to arthritis.
Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery:
In fact in the joint replacement surgery is considered to be a quite safe and effective procedure for relieving pain and correction of any leg deformity whether it is natural or is induced as a result of any accident or injury. The history of the total knee replacement surgery dates back to 1968 when it was performed for the first time. Since then various technological advancements and improvements have been made in this track to make the surgical methods of knee replacement more smooth and effective. Presently this procedure has become one of the most successful methods of curing knee injury.
According to the health report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, up too now a huge number of surgeries concerned with the total knee replacement have been performed rendering the patients a healthy status.
Approximately more than 600,000 knee replacements are done every year successfully only in United States. The knee is basically the largest joint of the body and is concerned with performing many activities like walking, sitting, running, climbing and above all carrying the whole body weight. Therefore a healthy knee joint and its maintenance is very important in order to perform the daily activities. When the surgery is done, the knee is treated involving all the major bones of leg like thigh bone, shin bone and patella.

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